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A testee should take off all metallic items--watches, rings, glasses, jewelry--which may interfere with the readings. Hands and feet should not be moistened with oils, lotions or excessive perspiration.  Avoid stimulants (coffee, alcohol, drugs) that affect the nervous system prior to testing. Before taking a measurement wait for some time (about two hours) after exercise, meal, etc. A person should be calm and relaxed.  The examinee should not hold the passive electrode too firmly or too lightly as it can alter the measurements (too firm of contact creates higher readings; too light of contact lowers the readings).


Make sure the moistened cotton on the active/passive probe is in contact with the metal of the probe. The cotton should not be too wet or too dry. Keep the cotton moist throughout the testing.  If the skin of the examinee is wet with oil, lotion, or perspiration gently dab the excess moisture to avoid friction on the hands and feet.  During testing the examiner should not press too hard or too lightly on the examined points.  An examiner should not touch the examinee during the testing (touch the measurement point only with the active/passive probe).






The unit is used under the sole responsibility of the user without liability to the manufacturer.  We assume no liability for damage or loss resulting from misuse, mishandling of any TCM Pro software component.  We make no guarantees or warranties with respect to the contents or the use of this manual and/or TCM Pro software unit.



The information provided in this manual is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use the information in this manual for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician






Electric cardiac pacemaker; coagulation failure; congenital deformity of central nervous system; implantable cardio stimulator; individual intolerance to current electricity; injury on a skin after electro- stimulation; state of acute psychic excitement or intoxication (alcohol),  pregnancy.




Software license agreement


The Association of Alternative Medicine grants Buyer non-exclusive right to install and use TCM Pro on a single computer and a single terminal for the purpose of operating products purchased by Buyer from  the Association of Alternative Medicine.


You may install one additional copy on a laptop or a home computer provided that it is owned by you, for your use for archival purposes.

The Software’s content is protected by copyright laws. Buyer may not rent, lease, loan the Software without the prior written notice of the Association of Alternative Medicine.  Buyer may not disassemble, copy, reverse engineer, decompile, modify, sublicense, assign, create a derivative work from, or use the Software in any manner except as stated in this Agreement.


Except as set forth in this paragraph, the Software is licensed “As Is” without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, by statute or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement and fitness for any particular purpose. We do not guarantee or warrant the suitability of the Software or that it will meet your requirements.


The liability of the Association of Alternative Medicine under the warranty set forth above shall be limited to the amount paid by Buyer for the product.


The Association of Alternative Medicine and its suppliers will not be responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, etc.) whether based on breach of contract, tort and negligence, product liability and the like the Association of Alternative Medicine’s liability to Buyer will be limited to the amount paid for the product.  


       We guarantee the quality under the terms and conditions expressed herein under: 

                      12 months guarantee for manufacturing or materials faults.
The manufacturer guarantees excellent work of the device if the consumer observes the conditions of usage, transportation and storage.

We guarantee that for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery to the first buyer as well as  the device is free from faults in its materials or its manufacturer that would prevent it from functioning normally under the correct conditions of installation, use, and maintenance.

If, at any time, during this guarantee’s validity period, the purchased device does not function correctly, owing to the appearance of faults in its materials or manufacture, we agree, depending on the fault presented, to replace* or repair* the faulty device.

  * If the device is replaced, the guarantee period will be renewed with its full initial extension. If it is repaired, the guarantee period will be suspended and then restarted once the repaired device has been returned.

                               Exclusions and limitations of the guarantee

Damage and faults relating to operation or service of the device shall be exempt from the guarantee rights established herein, when these are caused by the following:

-         Accidents, negligent, improper, inappropriate use.

-         Modifications, installations, or usage that is incorrect

-         Damage caused by pressure values, during testing or  operation and on the primary device circuit, higher than those specified in its manual or damage caused by freezing, floods, actions by third parties, or any other reason outside the device’s normal operating conditions and outside our control.

-         Any aspects associated with the appearance of the device shall not be considered as faults, unless they are representative of a loss of operation.

Guarantee rights established herein do not cover the shipping costs of the defective device incurred by return and their subsequent return to the client. It also does not include intervention costs resulting from the disassembly of the faulty device, or the subsequent reinstallation of the replaced device.                                        


Claim under the guarantee rights   

Any client or user of the device deemed to have justified grounds for claiming under the guarantee rights established herein, shall proceed as follows:

-         Inform immediately and in writing, your claim should be accompanied by a copy of the receipt of the device showing the date of delivery.

-         Once this claim has been received, we will carry out  an analysis, decide whether it falls under the protection of the provisions of this limited- guarantee document, and notify the client of this decision and instructions to follow. 

                                                     Limitations of Liability

Manufacturer has no liability for the defects incurred during the rough usage, disregard of holding conditions, transportation and usage, broken seal), does not rectifies defect and does not make a replacement of the product free-of-charge.

We will be not liable to the client, either directly or indirectly, for any failure to comply or delay in applying its obligations under guarantee that may result from force majeure or any other unforeseen incident not intended by manufacturer.

Our liability as derived from this Guarantee Certificate shall be limited to the obligations expressed above and, quantitatively, to the amount paid by the client for the device subject to claim, to the express exclusion of any responsibility for consequential damage such as loss of data in computer applications, loss of income or operating profits, etc.   

Any other guarantee not expressly mentioned in this document shall be excluded.

                Entry into force, application and validity of the Guarantee Certificate.

This Guarantee Certificate shall be applicable from the date of delivery the device to the client.
At the end of a warranty period the manufacturer effects repair of the device at the buyer's expense.




TCM PRO is a tool that can be used to precisely assess body health via meridian measurements The device is intended for evaluating the functional activity of organs and systems based on the Ryodoraku (Nakatani) method.


The main objective of the software is to become integrated with a computer thereby becoming more user-friendly for a practitioner. It preserves all of the functionality of the original method but allows the practitioner to send results of meridian measurements directly to their PC and create accurate, patient-friendly graphical print outs at each visit (with the possibility to compare previous tests). The direct reading from probe to computer saves the practitioner's time and allows him to obtain information of the entire body within five minutes. The software is easy to learn, and are fast and simple to use.


Treatment section is performed by frequency therapy by Dr. Rife and colour therapy helping a user to destroy pathological frequencies and strengthen physiological frequencies in an organism.  The influence on a person is performed in a contact way with the metal electrodes in case of frequency therapy.              



Make sure that your computer meets the following requirements:


 Pentium IV or above

 The operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

 RAM 1 GB or above

 any MHz processor

 100 Mb of free space on the hard disk

1024x600 minimum screen resolution


 CD-ROM drive

 Mouse or compatible indicating device

 One free input/output USB-port

 Printer that supports Windows operation system

Access to the Internet to obtain support, registration key, etc.




The device comes with the following accessories:

·         the detecting probe

·         the passive electrode

·         the electrodes for frequency therapy

·         the inbuilt light for colour therapy

·         USB-port connecting cable

·         the software TCM Pro'












Before installing the software make sure that the computer satisfies with the technical requirements.


Put the CD with “TCM Pro” software into CD-ROM drive.

To copy the software from the CD on the hard drive of the computer locate the  file. Open it with the left click of the mouse and the installation process begins.


The software is ready to be installed on your computer. Click the  button to continue the installation wizard.



The software informs you that it is ready to be installed on your computer.  Press the   button.




When the software is successfully installed on your computer you will see the following window:



Press the  button to complete the installation.





Before starting the device software make sure that the unit is connected to the computer and is switched on. If the unit is on, a sound is generated when the device is turned on.


Check the connections of the device:  the USB-port cable to the computer, as well as the active/passive probe, the passive electrode.


   To start the program, click on the software’s icon.



The program opens with the Introductory window.



If there is no information about patients in the database, you will see an empty “Clients” field.  Before starting a test, add the patient to the database.


If client information is already in the database, it appears in the Introductory window of the client list.





If you want to exit from the program click the on the  button, which is in the program Title Bar.







After the start of the program the Introductory window appears on the screen. Some elements are typical for all windows in Windows, some are specific for the device’s software.




The Title bar is on the top of the program window. The name of the program (TCM Pro) is indicated in Title bar.

The window control buttons on the right in the title bar allow you to: minimize the window to the panel size , maximize the window on full desktop ,  or  close the window .









The List of clients is always present in the Introductory window of the program.

It is a management database of your clients which records their  information (such as name, last name, phone, etc.) and keeps tests’  histories.


To choose a client from the list click on the client’s Name. The line with the selected client will be highlighted.



  Entering a new client card:

You can also create a new client’s card, edit or delete information directly from the client list window.    Click the  button to enter a new client in the software database.   




New client’s card window will be displayed. Please enter the data below for the new client.




Type in the Name, Surname, Date of birth, Sex, Height and Weight, Address, and contact details such as Web Site, E-mail, Phone numbers.  Comments may also be added to the card (you can make your own notes you feel necessary about the client).




To load client’s picture, press the button  and choose from directory. If you want to remove the client’s picture, simply click the button


When you finish typing all the information, press the   button. 


  This button helps you to change or add  information about a patient who is already in the database.      



 Deleting client’s card


If you want to delete a client from your database, select their card by Name from the list and press. .  


Note: Please be careful choosing a client once you delete the client, all his information is deleted together with all measurements and can’t be recovered.







If you wish to locate a patient in the database, select the sorting type the software should search by, enter the patient’s ID or name, surname, etc.  in the field  “Search”. To begin the search press



This tab begins the meridian measurement function according to Ryodoraku method.



To start a measurement choose a client from your Client database or introduce a new client.  Click the    button for taking measurements.














To start Ryodoraku diagnostics prepare the device as follows:

·       Check the connection of the passive electrode, detecting probe, USB port cable.

·       Insert the moistened cotton into the active/passive electrode’s search cup and                       switch on the unit.

          Choose a client from the list or introduce a new one.


Click the    button to start the new measurement.



Diagnostic window


The diagnostic window can be divided into several fields which  help you when working with the software.



The values of skin conductance are located on the left side of the Diagnostic window.



The display consists of the numerical values of the skin conductance and a dynamic yellow line. The yellow line is a real time graphing of your skin conductance received from the organs’ representative points.


The vertical line on the left side of the graph displays numerical values of skin conductance level.


  shows the average value of the skin conductance during the first second of measurement

   shows the average value on the 2-d second of measurement

   shows the average value on the 3-d second of measurement






Red line  – displays real time graphing of a point measurement






After 3 seconds the running red line stabilizes and reaches the end of display scale.  After 3 seconds place the probe over the next point to begin testing. 


There is a special function that will shift the measurement  to another point automatically. Once you have completed measuring all 24 points, the software will shift you to the graphs automatically if you checked the corresponding box  



If you check the    box and set   ,  the software will automatically shift to another point examination after indicated measurement interval (in our example 3 seconds) when you complete measuring previous point. For example, if you select 0 seconds, it shifts you to the measurement of another point at once; if you select from 1 till 60 seconds, the program shifts to another point within 1, 2, …..60 seconds depending upon the time chosen. This feature can be useful for beginners: during this interval you can re-measure a point if you measured the point erroneously.

After the  value appears evaluation form, you will hear double short beep signifying that the testing value has been taken.


To go to the next measurement place the electrode on the examinee’s skin in accordance with the next point’s illustration.


Credit – displays credits/trials given for your software in a trial mode if you purchased limited version.




The program automatically calculates and enters the average skin conductance level for the particular point measurement. All readings are displayed in the evaluation form under the display scale.

It is also possible to enter measurement values manually typing them into measurement fields of the evaluation form (the device should be connected to the PC anyway).





If there was a mistake during examination,  press the   button  and shift to the necessary point. To repeat this or any other point, press the    button to go to the next point or the   button to shift to a previous point. Shifting back and forth allows you to test a point which is displayed in the program. This function helps you to avoid erroneous data input.



The   button erases all entered data during examination.


On completion of measuring the last point the device automatically saves the twenty-four values and creates a test summary displayed in different diagrams.



You may scroll the arrows down and see the name of the point which is displayed at the current moment and where the measurement is to be carried out and reference information about it.



This field gives you general information about the point which is measured at the current moment: its name, meridian and energy type.








The software directs you in performing all 24 point measurements. Every point is graphically illustrated.  The patient and practitioner may view and follow the points on the screen.  The pictures clearly show the precise location of the acupuncture point to examine.  It is simple even for new users. Follow the points’ illustration to locate and complete all 24 measurement points.


The measurement point which is red and blinking a white color is the one you are measuring at the current moment.


The measurement order is as follows:

1)      3 Palm and 3 back  points of the left hand

2)      Continue to the points on the  left foot

3)      3 Palm and 3 back points of the right hand

4)      Continue to the points on the right foot


Our point display differs from traditional Ryodoraku order.  It is changed for measurement convenience to test first the central part of the foot and then the lateral parts of the foot.   However this does not alter the exam accuracy.




    The Information field displays the first and last name of an examinee, the device’s serial number  (ID) and the testing date and time.



The description and rules of the TESTING process.


Step one:

The device is connected to the computer with the  USB-port cable.  The active/passive probe or electrode is connected to the device. Start the  “Meridian Testing Program v. 2.1” software. 

Make all necessary general requirements prior to examination.


Note: the device does not need calibration as similar devices require and always works correctly.


Step two: 

Make a small size cotton swab. Moisten it with water or salt solution and squeeze the cotton swab into the active/passive probe’s cup.  Make sure that the moistened cotton is in contact with the metal of the probe. The cotton should not be too wet or too dry. It is fine to remoisten the cotton to maintain moisture during the test.






Step three:

Have the client hold the probe not too loosely or too tight.


Step four:

With the feet resting on nonconductive ground the client seats comfortably on a chair or lies on a bed. The examinee should not contact metal or wall furnishings.


Step five:

Without probing or palpating, place the active/passive measuring probe with moistened cotton over the examinee’s test point aсcording to the point’s illustration.  The reading begins at that moment.  The yellow line steadily rises to a certain value where it gradually stabilizes. The measurement of each point is performed within 3 seconds.  The program automatically gets three measurement readings of the meridian conductance value on each second.  The software calculates the average value of the point.  


Every measurement value is accompanied by a beep when you place the probe on the skin and start measuring it . The value is recorded in the evaluation form (under the display scale) and the software gives double beep when you finish measuring it.


The software automatically saves the all meridians values when the last measurement is taken.



Special Note:

If the active/passive probe does not start reading right away make sure that the cotton swab is moistened enough and the probe is connected to the device. A stable running yellow line shows that the measurement is accurate; however, a break in the line can indicate a broken signal. Continue to measure the point and wait a while. A break often happens if the skin conductance is not sufficient and if the energy level is low. The measurement won’t be accurate as it won’t show the information about your health



Once you have completed points’ examination press the button  to view the graphical summaries.





The    button contains the graphs with examination summary.


 The user can view which meridians are out of their physiologic balance (if the meridians are deficient or excessive) in the five different style graphs.   


You can view and save unlimited quantity of tests for each client in the software’s database.






Results may be viewed in five different graph styles:




The first graph Left/Right  shows twelve meridians’ energy of the left side and their pairs on the right.





The second graph style displays arm yin meridians, arm yang and leg yin and leg yang channels.




Third graph allows a user to choose several previous exam results from client’s history  to compare with each other over a span of time  to monitor the dynamics (or the current test with previous examinations). 

To do so choose the corresponding graph style (third style)   , click on the dates you want to view and the program will display each test in its own color.                                                                 

The advantage of this function allows you to compare the last examination with previous ones and view any changed physiological responses.




It is important to see if there is any left-right imbalance in the same meridian.

With the help of the fourth graph you are enabled to see if there a split energy between the left and right sides of the same meridian and its significance.

If you want to see the split between left and right meridians choose the fourth graph, then click on the date you want to view (if it is not a current test).





The last graph style is a Circular chart.

To view test results in a circular chart style you need check the ‘circular’ box  and select the date you want to view.






This software’s tab provides a user with symptoms and ratios based on measurement results. 






This tab is active when marked with red color.

Symptoms of unbalanced meridians can be viewed from the ‘Symptom’ window.

Click on the ‘Symptoms’ tab and the software displays possible symptoms based on examination results.







Choose the date you want to see the symptoms and ratios analysis (in case if you are not viewing current measurement result).




This tab helps you to filter the results you want to display: the balance between Left/Right, Yin/Yang, High/Low or All.

If you want to display only Right values, press on the Left to mark it with white color to exclude it from displaying and click on the button . The balances you want to be displayed should be green colored. The software will filter the balances in accordance with your preferences.




In this example the software will show only Right measurement values, Yang side and High/Low values.





Choosing the date of testing you can see various balances and symptoms and view if there are any changed responses.



These fields display general information in the symptoms window:  the organs connected with a particular meridian, name of the meridian, the name of a point, its value and average meaning for a patient, meridian’s activity time.

Figures given in this example mean: the first figure stands for measured value for Urinary Bladder meaning that this meridian is excessive: its value is higher than the average line and hits high electro-conductivity norms; the second figure is the average energy value for a patient.



In the main symptoms’ window you can see the list with conditions specific for certain meridians imbalances and its state, high or low electro-conductivity.

If you ask your patient what conditions he experiences, you may check the boxes with relevant names and the software will keep them for future reference to see the dynamics of physiological responses.  





This window is used for viewing different ratios for a particular patient.

They provide information about such functions as: autonomic nervous system, mental state, metabolism and some other.



Circadian chart


The circadian chart of the meridians shows their excess-deficiency and normal state in inner and outer circle diagram. Ideally, measurement values should hit between inner and outer borders, the higher measurement value, the higher it is shown on a bar, the lower reading for the channel, the lower it is shown on the diagram. Each pair of meridians is marked with its color depending on the element (the read color is for heart and triple heater, green for gall bladder and liver, etc.)  and with the activity period for the particular meridian helping to evaluate  a client’s condition during the day. 



Ratios Review  


This tab displays summary table with the information about ratios: showing overall energetic level – Total Body Energy and ready-made reviews for different ratios







Excess vs. Deficient Channels




This ratio shows the most excessive channel against the most deficient one.


External – Internal Analysis (with 5 elements)



This ratio provides an external-internal contrast of 24 readings obtained from the meridians.

When analyzing this ratio, please bear in mind mental state ratio (excessively high or excessively low). Only after that you will be able to take clinical decision about treatment procedure.

For example, you see that Monarch Fire is most imbalanced, then you should start treating the Heart meridian and then shift to another most imbalanced element. Then see if there is any significant difference between external and internal meridian pairs.
















Autonomic Nervous System ratio






The higher the ratio, the more imbalanced autonomic nervous system appears.

The ratio reflects how well the emotional state is balanced, stress can also influence on the

state of  autonomic nervous system and it fails to regulate peristalsis, control the glands,

endocrine system and control the functioning of immune system.


















The Mental state ratio is used to evaluate the condition of mental activity, if it is low or high.



























The Metabolism ratio shows you the functions of absorption, digestion, and excretion.



























The ratio of the Musculoskeletal system shows the state of all that is connected with the musculoskeletal system depending on the balance of blood and Qi levels.









Vertically on the chart are numbers from 0 to 200; horizontally are the names of the meridians. The chart is divided into right and left sides corresponding to the right side meridians and to the left side meridians. For each meridian there are two values corresponding to the right and left branches of the meridian (For example, LU of the right side and LU of the left side).




Every letter symbol has its own coding according to Chinese terminology:


Lu-Lung meridian, Pc-Pericardium meridian (Heart constrictor), Ht-Heart meridian,

Si-Small intestine meridian, Th-Three heaters meridian (Triple energizer),

Li-Large intestine meridian, Sp-Spleen/Pancreas meridian,  Lv-Liver meridian,

Ki-Kidney meridian, Bl-Urinary bladder, Gb-Gall bladder meridian,

St-Stomach meridian




The corresponding Ryodoraku symbols are:


H1–lungs meridian, H2-heart constrictor (pericardium)meridian, H3–heart meridian,

H4-small intestine meridian, H5–triple heater meridian, H6-large intestine meridian.


F1-spleen/pancreas meridian, F2-liver meridian, F3-kidney meridian, F4-urinary meridian, F5-gall bladder meridian, F6-stomach meridian.


The white stripe on the chart designates a physiological balance and the average state of a person’s energy. Average values are ideal. If the electric conductivity value exceeds the average state, high (red color) or low (blue color), dysfunctions in the meridian are indicated. The greater the distance from the white stripe in either direction, the worse the condition of the meridian and organ connected with it. 


Those values which are too high or too low must be treated, either stimulated or sedated.

Values around 20-30 are often considered deficient and must be balanced with stimulation. Values higher than 70 are considered elevated and must be balanced with sedation. Average readings are from 30 to 70.


As a user becomes more experienced in testing and interpreting the charts, he or she can obtain information about the client’s general energy level, mental state, musculoskeletal system, metabolism function, and the state of the autonomic nervous system. By examining the red and blue columns a user can determine which systems and organs have excessive or deficient energy.










The treatment section of the software provides treatment recommendations for color treatment and acupuncture as well as the software has an inbuilt function of

frequency and color generating.  The light is inbuilt in the detecting probe of the device.




With the help of the software a user is able to generate seven  major therapeutic colors and create any color from palette.

This function of the software can be used as an independent method of treatment and for added efficacy to any method you practice.




To get color therapy recommendations, press the tab


You will see the main window containing 3 functions: color therapy, frequency therapy and acupuncture recommendations.


Choose color therapy                                                                                                  






Before starting color therapy, choose a patient from the list of clients.


You can type the client's name or last name in the field to locate for a specific client in the database.




 This field shows the list with tests' dates and time for a client. Choose the date with measurement results history to review it shortly.



If you press the bottom                       it will open the comments field where you can make any notes about your patient, process of treatment, results you achieved and other information you think necessary.


Once you have completed typing your notes, press the button

The button                      marked with green color against the date of testing signifies that


 Comments field has already notes kept for a specific date . 




     This field contains measurement results of the meridians for the chosen date for your 






            This field suggests color therapy recommendations based on test results.



                          For example, it is suggested to use orange and yellow color for the point F2.


If you see black cell                         – it means that only one color is suggested for the  meridian.                                     



  This field shows the color which is generated currently and general time for generating of all colors suggested.


  If we check the box Auto next the shifting from one color generating to another is performed  automatically.



 The field helps you in setting the time for color generating. If you choose 3 minutes for example, it means that each frequency will be played for 3 minutes.


  If we check the box 2 color, the software will play both colors suggested for the meridian.

  As in our example, for Liver meridian, the software will play 2 colors: orange and yellow.



 If you remove the box check,  the software will play the colors in top-down fashion.

 The orange color will be played for Liver meridian, then yellow color will be played for

 Spleen meridian and so on.



Checking the box                        allows a user to create and generate own colors without

applying suggested colors for therapy.











      In this example we press the yellow color and the order of generating the colors will start from yellow shifting to the next bright green color, then to green, then to aquamarine color and so on.  





These are control buttons for color generating function, when you need to pause color playing, press the button Pause, when you need to bring to halt the color therapy, press Stop button.



  This function of the software helps a user to choose the frequency with which the color will

   be generated. 






Color therapy can be applied in several ways described below:


The first way: we advise to choose a color the most favorite for a patient, set the time of generating and play it through the device's detecting probe (the light is inbuilt there).



The second way:  select the worst 1 or 2 meridians based on test results provided by the software. Start influencing biologically active points on  chosen meridians or reflexology zones (the points or zones are selected by a practitioner individually starting from the most distal points or in correspondence with a patient's health condition: disease, symptoms).

The time of color generating on one point is from 1 to 3-4 minutes depending on each patient condition. It is advised that a practitioner starts from minimal time, 1 minute, gradually making the time of generation 3-4 minutes; as well as the time of generating should be less for kids at the initial stage of therapy. One session color therapy should involve 4-6 acupuncture points. The color therapy consists of 5-10 sessions depending on treatment dynamics (you can check and monitor it with the help of Ryodoraku testing).



The third way:

If there is no positive feedback from treatment after 1-3 sessions,

try using complementary colors in relation to the original one, based on pairs of complementary colors: red, green, orange, blue, yellow-purple

Set the color in accordance with individual preferences of a patient or conduct color therapy session like in the second way.








The fourth way:


If there is no effect from using complementary colors shift to organ related colors:

           red - Heart (Small intestine)

           orange - Bladder (Kidneys,

           yellow – Stomach (Spleen),

           green - Gall bladder (Liver),

           blue – Lungs (Large intestine)

           violet – Pericardium (Triple heater).


     Set the color in accordance with individual preferences of a patient

     And repeat steps from the second way.



Note: in a rare case if all these steps do not show positive feedback we would like to advise to shift to another treatment modality.







If you wish to have frequency therapy, press the   


and then 



Software contains the health correction module with frequencies.


There are several buttons helping you to destroy pathological frequencies and strengthen your physiological frequencies in an organism.


The influence on a person is performed in a contact way with the metal electrodes (which are supplied together with the software and device).







Time of frequencies generation can vary, it depends on the quantity of frequencies recorded in the device and preset time. You can set any time for a frequency. Usually 3-5 minutes are enough for generating of one frequency, but in some cases see the commentary to the disease and frequencies.


Quantity of sessions is selected individually on actual state of health.


At preventive care it is recommended to perform 10 sessions every other day, with an interval 1-3 months. When you treat diseases, the sessions are carried out each day, 1-2 sessions per day. Quantity of procedures -10-15 or more, then make an interval for 1-2 weeks.


When you start using the frequencies, please begin with 1 minute for one frequency gradually adding one minute with each day until it reaches 3-5 minutes for one frequency. We recommend to monitor the state of the health and observe the timing at the initial stage not exceeding 1 minute.

As for diseases'  selection, we would like to advise you not to mix several diseases at one time, choose only 2-3 conditions for one frequency therapy session.








Electric cardiac pacemaker; coagulation failure; congenital deformity of central nervous system; implantable cardio stimulator; individual intolerance to current electricity; injury on a skin after electro stimulation; state of acute psychic excitement or intoxication (alcohol),  pregnancy.





It is necessary to remove ornaments, watches, glasses. The clothes should be from natural fabric. Remove all devices radiating electromagnetic waves such as beeper, cell-phone etc. minimum on a meter.



If you want to have reference to test results and be able to review and  keep notes on a particular patient, choose a client from the list






You can type the client's name or last name in the field to locate for a specific client in the database.



Select the test date with measurement results to view them


If you press the bottom                       it will open the comments field where you can make any notes about your patient, process of treatment, results you achieved and other information you think necessary.




Once you have completed typing your notes, press the button

The button                      marked with green color against the date of testing signifies that


 Comments field has already notes kept for a specific date . 


Choose necessary disease name from the list. This field displays the list of diseases in alphabetical order.

The vertical scrolling bar  is on the right from the list of diseases.

Click the button   or  on the scrolling bar to move the list of diseases correspondingly up or down.


The fastest way to locate a specific disease in the list is to enter its name in the Search field   


Selecting the disease from the list, the filed located near the list of diseases shows frequencies associated with the particular name.


The field Comments contain notes about disease (if they are kept in ).


The right part of the frequency therapy window manages frequencies' generating



The upper field displays a frequency generated currently and time left for generating





You may enter necessary frequency for every meridian manually here. 




  If we check the box Auto next the shifting from one frequency generating to another is performed  automatically.



 The field helps you in setting the time for frequency generating. If you choose 3 minutes for example, it means that each frequency will be played for 3 minutes.





Choose the type of a signal and its amplitude (can be entered manually here

or you can pull a slider back and forth.




If you check the box  List of diseases  - frequencies will be played from the list with inbuilt frequencies of the software.

In this case you have to choose a disease, set the time of generating, signal form and press

the button



If you check the box Table – frequencies will be played from the fields where you entered the  frequencies manually.

In this case set the time of generating, signal form and press the button


These are control buttons for frequency  generating function, when you need to pause frequency playing, press the button Pause,  or when halt frequency playing, press Stop button.







If you wish to have acupuncture recommendations, press the tab     


and then 



The software will suggest you acupuncture recommendations calculated for 10 days period depending on your preferences selected in the software.






























If you want to get recommendations for a particular test, choose the test date and view measurement results.



Then select from suggested list above your preferences



The software will display the list with conditions that you should choose to get recommendations.


In our example we checked first Nosological group, selected conditions the software offered, then  General visual examination 





The software gave us the list with conditions we should choose within:



Once we have completed selecting the conditions, it's time now to press the button to get acupuncture recommendations calculated for 10 days


If you want to locate a point, just click with the mouse on the point and the software will display the points on body model.




The present tab of the software contains inquirer form to help a user to analyse the state of health of a patient.


















Choose kind of the test you would like to use.






Check the boxes with relevant conditions. Use the vertical scrolling bar  on the right from the list of conditions.

Click the button   or  on the scrolling bar to move the list of diseases correspondingly up or down.


Once you have completed selecting the conditions from the list, press the button




The software automatically analyses conditions and gives you the results which may help you in diagnosing the problem and subsequent treatment







Press the button                                           if you want to save  results   for future reference (do not


 forget to choose the date as well).                                                               


If you don't like to save the results, press the button




The Reference section of the software provides information of point names, location and tables (like for example: 8 Hui/Meeting Points, 9 Needles for Returning Yang, Regional Command Points and so on).


Click on any table in the left part of the window and see the reference.


 Click the button   or  on the scrolling bar to move the list with references correspondingly up or down.








This  section contains reference and recommendations (treatment formulas) for commonly treated conditions. The software shows the list with conditions; clicking on them a user is able to see treatment formulas and location of each acupuncture point together with additional reference information (some of the conditions have herbs recommendations).






Click the button   or  on the scrolling bar to move the list of conditions correspondingly up or down. Choose necessary disease name from the list. This field displays the list of diseases in alphabetical order.







The buttons New and Delete will help you to manage the list of conditions adding or deleting conditions.







Once you have chosen the condition from the list, the software displays the  acupuncture points

associated with this condition. Click on the point to see its location on the picture











The field Additional information provides reference data about acupuncture points used in treatment formulas.









A convenient way to search for a condition in the list is typing its name in the Search field





You can find also herbs recommendations for some of the conditions





You can find in this application an automated calculation of biologically active points based on timing.

These include the Eightfold method of  Sacred Tortoise, the Soaring Eightfold Method, and the Midnight-Midday Ebb & Flow point selection.  



We have done all calculations and it is just simple to use this application by a practitioner to double the effects of acupuncture or any other method for most problems.

You can involve stimulating specific key points in the precisely calculated period of time thus  giving a boost to the flow of Qi and  helping the body to heal from illness or stress  just using one needle.


The chronopuncture allows you to:

-        automatically calculate the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for the given year, month, day, hour.

-        determine the optimal acupuncture point based on Eightfold method of Sacred Tortoise, the Soaring Eightfold Method, and the Midnight-Midday Ebb & Flow point selection.

-        to locate the point on the picture














Choose the date from calendar and necessary period of time you want to calculate an active open point.


Choose one of the methods to calculate the biologically active point


The side                                 depending on a sex of your patient, left side for a male or right

 side for a female.


The active point will be displayed on the picture and marked with red colour





This section helps a user managing sessions' time for every patient.

The software allows to set the time for each patient and remind a practitioner when it is necessary to put the needles away.












Choose a patient from the list or locate by name or last name from the Search list


Select the date of appointment, time span, alarm time for a memo (the time to remind) and signal type, if it is a sound or message. 



When you choose alarm time for a memo, you are suggested to select from drop down list,


Then you should choose the signal type, a sound or message.

In our example we have chosen message type signal.





If you like to have sound type signal, the software will suggest you to choose it from the directory.






It is also possible to make comments in the field below.




Once you have completed setting the time, press the button



The right part of the window displays the tasks already existing for a patient for a given date.







Double click on the name to see the full list of tasks.


Click on the arrow to return to the short list


You can click on Reminder tab and enter the names of your patients to schedule the alarm time for a memo (the time of an acupuncture session and its end time) and the signal type.





The section Print allows a user to control printing settings and adjust them to individual needs.

You can print your name or your clinics name on a paper with test results, your recommendations, patient's details, choose graph's type you want to print out.










You can create a template for subsequent use and necessary information will appear on your

printed report.


You can check the boxes with the print settings you want to be printed out.

They are:


When you check the box you can also choose one of the 3 graph styles you want to print.


It is possible to print the recommendation text you have typed in a special field or take the information from the sections treatment (including colour and frequency therapy and acupuncture suggestions or symptoms).










Give the name to the template you want to use in the future.

Enter any text into the field (may be you want your name, last name or name of your clinics to be printed out on a patient's measurement report. Unlimited number of templates can be created and stored in the software.



Check the boxes you want to be printed out in your patient's measurement results report.








If you feel that Recommendations is an essential part of the printing, choose one from already existing




or create a new recommendation



typing your desired text into the field above




Once you have finished typing the recommendation notes, click on Add  button


You can create as many recommendations as you want.

If you wish to modify any recommendation, press the button


If you want to delete any recommendation, you may do so choosing it from the List of recommendations and clicking  on




List of templates field contains already created templates (that have been created in the field





 List of templates  can be modified by performing the operations Delete, Save and Edit.

Having customized print settings, click on the button






Under Internet section you will find 4 tabs helping you to get free updates for the software,

to read manual just from the software's window with multi-language support, to write at Help desk and get connected with our Support Team and activate your software in case if you used it

as a trial version



If you press the tab Help opening the contact form in case if you experience any technical problems with your device and software.










To activate the software, please press the tab


A window will appear requesting activation key in the special field that we have sent to you.





Having entered your activation key, press







This tab of the software provides a user with the possibility to adjust the software with his own settings.








Click     to get information about  the software. 


If you need to make Proxy settings, click on



Select within languages already supported by the software



Alternatively, you can make your own translation of the software to your own language directly from the software. If you wish to do so, press the button



You will open Language redactor where you can make your translation to your native language from English or make changes.

All changes are made in Current value field











Once you have completed changes or translation, press the button 

 or cancel them




Buttons located below will help you managing translation/changes in the software.




As every practitioner is adjusted to different abbreviations of meridians used in different sources, we made it possible to enter the names for meridians you think convenient and avoid the mess. The software allows to change the order of meridians or make the order by default.



The line called Middle line enables a user to change the setting for an average line if necessary.

Having completed your setting changes in this field, click on the button




The section Other enables you to control the sound generated by the device when taking measurement, if you do not like beeping during the exam, you may remove the check from the box




 If you press on the button Calibrate, it is possible to perform calibration when it is necessary  for a user



  If you do not want the calibration, you may disable it by clicking on the button 


In some cases there is a need to make some calibration depending on a season, country  and some other factors. There are 2 options helping you to do so.


         You can add to the initial value either a percentage that you choose or a digit value to the initial




In the field Additional information you can enter any notes you want.






You see the current list of diseases provided by the software on the left side.

If you know other conditions with the frequencies associated with them, you can add this condition in the software's list for subsequent usage


Frequencies for the condition can be added from this field




If you want to make any comments or notes on a particular frequency or disease, you may use the field located from the right.



If you have ready made notes, press the button

 browse and load them from directory





Choose the type of separating char between frequencies, comma or apostrophe.



Once you have finished browsing the file from directory and delimiting one frequency from another, press the button



To protect your and your patients personal information including test results from third party, the software allows to set an access password and also reset it if necessary.


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